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When it comes to 3D printers which utilize fused deposition modelling techniques, there are really only two main setups for such machines. One is the Cartes


Optimization of fused deposition modeling process parameters: a review of current research and future prospects - Springer

from Hackaday

3D Printering: Non-Planar Layer FDM

Non-planar layer Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is any form of fused deposition modeling where the 3D printed layers aren’t flat or of uniform thickness. For example, if you're using mesh bed le...


If you're new to #3dprinting, a good place to start is by understanding FDM, fused deposition modeling. FDM is a very simple concept in 3D printing. A roll of filament, usually a thermoplastic filament, like PLA or ABS is fed into an extruder that then pushes it into a nozzle like a hot glue gun.

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