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Quirky Bohemian Mama - A Bohemian Mom Blog: 50 Funny "Would You Rather" Questions for the Whole Family {kid friendly, family night game}

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Miranda's Gallopers on

Miranda hart....I tried to laugh...but mainly a half baked nanny trying to make baby giggle but ends up frightening the little worn cliche to another...the funny farm has got this lady on an e.c.t alert...I would rather cut my p**** off with a rusty blade...say no more!!!....cant believe this has so many re-pins!!!...please comment if you like this!!!

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Yes Doctor we would all very much like to see the universe with you in the TARDIS rather than continue our less than adventurous lives here on earth.

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If you guys didn’t sweat enough with our first “Would You Rather” quiz, you will now. Thanks to popular demand, we’re creating the Dan and Phil edition for you. But before you @ us and tell us we’re evil for making you choose, just remember that you guys asked for this. Enjoy!

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Simon (Robert Sheehan) Image

I feel so sorry for Simon, clary was basically like u would rather date my brother than you and then she did

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LOL XD Would you rather do it like Michael Jackson or Sebastian ? <-- Sebastian; always Sebastian

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if i get up again, it's to go pee. and i would rather do that in my pants then leave you two alone. classy girl. i'm so proud

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Read Alouds in Your Classroom

The Hunger Games - IT WORKS! When you blink (while the eyes are still closed) you'll see the shape.

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