Witty Travel Quotes That Would Make You Smile (and Travel) | Miss Travelesque

I love that somebody actually took the time to manipulate wikipedia just to be a smart ass. tumblr, never stop

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It's a funny thing about coming home. Looks the same, smells the same. You'll realize what's changed is you. F. Scott Fitzgerald

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But along the way you also find the people you'll who will always be with you to the end. And sadly find those who won't.

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I am a travel connoisseur. I sniff new locations, chew through destinations and ultimately offer opinions on each. So when someone drops knowledge on travel, I'm all ears and bound to share. Theref...

Looking at location as identity as a theme, I am focusing on Manchester and the things associated with it maybe looking at cliches of the north, resulting in a slightly humorous collection.

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