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Only 2 f**kin phrases

Since I'm a woman, obviously the only things I care about in life are my boyfriend and shopping. Right?

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Lol! I'm single so it would have to be a friend but other than that it's very accurate!

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Me..every time

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"Eating dried noodles again? Trust me, anime ain't getting any realer because of it." "Oh my, buying all those chocolate bunnies for your kid? Prepare to get a salad-crazed rabbit in a few years." "You know that thing will make you night hell, don't you? Fine, fine, just checking." "... okay, this is the third week I've seen you buy pasta so COME HERE AND LET ME PET YOU YOU LONELY THING!"

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Landen says "where are we going?" Scott said "shopping with Mama Tiffy"...Landen grins great big and says "Yes!!!!!!!"...I swear he could be my mini me sometimes, lol.

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