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Best Cute Funny Love Quotes For Him Or Her

from PB&Julie

The Flat Belly Five and Sample 1 Day Raw Menu

Dear lord, Please don't let my husband be home when all my online orders arrive. Amen - Lmao! I love this. The mail man, UPS and FedEx are going to get to know me real well this Christmas. Spent over $300.00 online already. #christmas #decemberbirthdays


Like the ones that RUSH through the door and SQUEEZE in ahead of you only to walk at the speed of paint drying while they block the entire width of the aisle!


You're still deluding yourself, and trying to dupe everyone else. Keep diving deeper into your religious nut fervor, not only is it hysterical, I'll bet its driving your husband to drink MORE, wishing he could have been strong and chosen his path of happiness instead of hopelessness. Keep it up. You're a riot!!

from Thinking Outside The Sandbox

15 Must See E-Cards for Moms

Or just cleaning while Cody is in the house but I love him nonetheless. At least I have someone to love and clean up after.///This can include husbands.