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when you're sitting in your stand and you hear a twig break ... your eyes go wide with wonder and excitement ... is this the big one

from The Huffington Post

12 Easter Dos And Don'ts

guns-and-humor:Knowing how to spell annual is important. Unless this is a democratic fundraiser in Hollywood again!


women hunt quotes - Google Search

How can a man who can hit a deer KW738 vinyl lettering sticker home decor decal bathroom humor hunting deer quote

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 23 Pics


And hate posers who have never and dunno even how to skin, gut, and clean animals. Damn posers, your as bad as people out there pretending to be soldiers, it's called stealing valor. If you can't pull out a heart that you have stopped by your own hand and take a bite out of it, then shut your mouths and stop trying to pretend.

from Mail Online

Cat pics go viral after Belgian police plead for no tweets on raids

this applies to my friend group perfectly. (if you couldn't guess, I'm one of the nutty kitties)


Hunting humor HAHAHAHA! Love it!


Yet another reason why we hunt! #huntinghumor #fridayfunnies