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"Who are u. Do u have something to eat. U smells funny. What kind of horse are U. What of are horse does run on two legs. Would u be my friend, shal we play"

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50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of The Year

Horse Face....obviously it's ten times more attractive!!! DUHHHHHH!!!! Srsly ppl get with it!! LOL

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Les animaux les plus heureux du monde qui vous donneront envie de sourire

A work title: Sing in Spring Opus: 13003000656 Catalogue NO: 377884 Credit: (c) minamiyama / muzie / amanaimages A category: Jazz, pop music, easy listening, instrumental music, Length: 01 minutes 52 seconds A tempo: - A file kind: File size: ■ It is

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#HRHnadbook Donald Trump hair

In a selfie, there's always someone who loves to do the duck face!!

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