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10 Funny Flowcharts

Although flow charts can be complex charts that can help you solve important problems they can also be used as humor.

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Gandalf’s Problem Solving Flowchart…

Those eagles probably get pretty pissed that these puny mortals keep summoning them into battle

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I wish this made me lol... Unfortunately, it hits too close to home for me to consider it funny. #sour

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You Should Eat This Donut Flow Chart | Hand Lettered Print | Doughnut Print

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Canal Plus Film Making Flow Charts

I Want to Make a Short Film - Canal Plus Film Making Flow Charts (The Flow Chart campaign was developed at BETC Paris by Stéphane Xiberras, Olivier Apers, Gregory Ferembach, David Troquier, and Les Graphiquants.)

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Font Friday: Halis Rounded, with help from Father Ted's Mrs Doyle

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What's Your Career Type? #infographic #career

What's Your Career Type? #infographic

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reviseordie: Made a funny little flow chart of key... - stressandstudying

reviseordie:Made a funny little flow chart of key literary characters for my exam to keep my spirits up! This is art

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