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The limbic system (or paleomammalian brain) is a complex set of brain structures that lies on both sides of the thalamus, right under the cerebrum. ... The limbic system supports a variety of functions, including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction. It appears to be primarily responsible for emotional life, and it has a great deal to do with the formation of memories.


The region of the brain that serves as the physical source of feelings of depression has been identified, with new MRI data being the latest evidence to show that depression isn't just a 'frame of mind'.

Sir Charles Bell (1774–1842) published the first edition of 'The Anatomy of the Brain' in 1802. Bell undertook significant work on the localisation of brain function in the cerebrum (the largest portion of the brain, consisting of folded bulges called gyri) and the cerebellum. This plate shows the “general anatomy and subdivisions of the brain” and membranes, veins and arteries covering it. The pose of the head shows the usual method of positioning it for dissection at the time.


Traumatic Brain Injury A to Z - Interactive Brain Welcome to the Interactive Brain. Click through to the CEMM Virtual Library to use the tools below. This section shows and describes the brain at work and how it’s affected by TBI. To see the various views and functions of the brain, use the left navigation menu. Then mouse over different areas of the brain and click for more information.