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The Science Of Bubbles - Can You Poke A Bubble Without Popping?

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Science Experiments for kids

Hand-on and easy science experiments for kids to do at home or in class :: easy science fair projects

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Fun Cupcake Baking Science Fair Project

 After over 20 years of college English teaching, I've developed ways to help people write better, faster and easier.  Over 8 million readers...

Gross Science Experiments

Awesome gross science experiments! Make fake snot, find out what poop is made of, explore blood and more! Definitely not for the squeamish!

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Dissolving, Expanding And Bouncing Egg Science Experiment

Dissolving egg shells should be on every child’s to do list. In fact it should be on every parents to do list if you haven’t done it yet! It’s a great visual and tactile experiment to do at home and there are quite a few things that you can talk about with … Continue reading →

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What Do Sugary Drinks Do to Your Teeth? – Kids Science Experiment

Most kids love fruit juices and soda - this easy, fun, and simple DIY kids science experiment shows you what those things are doing to your teeth!

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