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Fun Facts: India

Informative and fascinating facts about India. Did you know...? The original word for chess is the Sanskrit chaturanga , meaning four members of an army ; The largest employer in the world is the Indian Railways, employing over a million people; Salt is the first item served at a Bengali wedding reception to ensure one stands witness in case of a matrimonial dispute. These and many such informative and fascinating facts fill up the pages of Terry O Brien s Fun Facts: India. The book covers a wide range of information related to India and its states, which is presented lucidly in order to make learning a fun exercise for children. With edutainment as its motto, this collection hopes to lay the foundation for creativity, problem-solving and the quest for knowledge in the minds of young readers.

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Its your world india

This 16-book series invites kids to learn about the world with its engaging, modern look and timely, relevant, high-interest information and activities. Schools


India and dolphins - WTF fun facts -

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