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Remember its full moon tonight, great night for recharging your energies, and for setting intentions for the months ahead. I shall be taking a friend out and teaching him all about moonbathing, recharging energies and setting intentions :) xxx


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The phases of the moon form an important part of a witches practice, whether one simply keeps their eye upon the sky to acknowledge the moons movements or participates eagerly in Esbats i.e. full moon rituals that celebrate the moon's great feminine energy. As the moon enters into different phases, its energy and how it affects the inhabitants of earth is altered.


Moonwater is imbued with the energy of the Full or New Moon. It is great for many spells, for ritual drink on full moons or Sabbats, or just for a little extra Goddess energy. Use a glass bottle/jar filled with water left under the moon overnight (a garden or a window sill will do fine) . Add a blessing: “Blessed Moon lend your strength and courage to the water I make this night. May it be filled with your ever lasting love and healing power.


27th, are you dreaming of turning a creative skill, hobby or project into a business, that offers you more freedom or are you thinking of returning to further education that will allow you in the future to have this possibility ? If so, this is an ideal day to put it into practise. You may be in the “spot light” through teaching, travelling or receive an offer to publish your work.


27/12 Virgo This is a very playful period and you are inspired creatively and emotionally. Your hobbies, leisure time, moments spent with children, socialising and so forth, all come into focus today. This is a time when you are more flirtatious than usual and may meet up with someone new who you think is ideal and romantic, however there will be plenty of yearning, longing and waiting by the phone!