Fudge Hair Shaper 75 gr

Fudge Hair Shaper 75g 890201 Strong hold matte moulding crme. Get onto the hard stuff with this strong hold multi-purpose styling tool that really goes the distance. Texturise, mould, piece or simply just shag it out any way you http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/january-2017-4/fudge-hair-shaper-75g-890201.asp

Fudge Hair Shaper Strong Hold Texturising Creme Smells as Delicious as it makes your hair Look.

Fudge Hair Shaper Mint (Strong Hold Texturising Creme) 75g/2.5oz. Anything that can help control my frizz and shape my hair gets an A+ in my list! #SNETWishlist

Fudge Hair Shaper Strong Hold Moulding Creme (3.38 oz.) by Fudge. $20.00. Adds texture. Medium hold. Builds body and volume. [Hold Factor 10]. Scrunch, mold, slick & style, it's not called SHAPER for nothing. A tiny amount provides reliable support that washes out easily.. Save 11% Off!

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