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Fill balloons with water, add food coloring, once frozen, take balloon off and they look like big ornaments.


50 Keep Me Homeschooling Activities During the Long Cold Winter Days

SO COOL! Fill a round balloon with water and set outside until almost frozen…


Wow. Fill a round balloon with water and set outside until almost frozen through. Run hot water over frozen globe until balloon pops off. Pour out unfrozen water from inside and insert a tealite. Makes a great walkway accent. These are gorgeous. by teradeeg


All you need to do is fill balloons with water and food colouring, and pop them in the freezer. Peel the balloon off when the water has frozen, et voila… ice marbles. Make them any size you fancy for outdoor fun on sunny days – on the lawn, in the paddling pool – and yes, they make great winter party decorations, too.


Autumn Leaf Bowls

Coloured ice marbles - balloons filled with water and frozen outdoors - been waiting to try this


Holidays decorations: fill balloons with water, add food colouring, freeze, cut off balloon


8 Unexpected Ways to Use Balloons At Your Next Party

Forgo a bulky ice cooler for frozen water balloons that will cushion drinks and keep them cold. Get the tutorial at A Subtle Revelry. -