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Frozen Videos And Songs

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now Masterpiece - the lyrics alone: WOW! I noticed in the comment section to this song on Youtube that somebody wrote: "I once saw her live and she said that she felt that she'd lost possession of this song one day when she was in the supermarket and it was playing over the frozen-meat section. With this version she has seriously reclaimed ownership!"


Let it go viral: the best homemade Disney clips

This is so awesome! As Brian Hull's impression-filled rendition of the Frozen song Let It Go does the rounds online, here are some other Disney virals you might have missed


The story of my life I take her home. I'll drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen. Story of My Life - 1D


Singing Dog Caught When His Favorite Songs Comes On!

Animals have favorite songs, too. This is too cute. (Brings back memories... My father would sit on our back deck, playing the trumpet. As soon as he started playing, our dog would come running, sit down next to him, and start singing along.)

Mind Blowing Disney Movie Facts In 21 Pictures

Fun Fact About Olaf In Disney Movie “Frozen”.<= I didn't think it was possible for me to like this character more than I already did, and then I read this