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Whipped Brown Sugar Buttercream

Share > I love the whipped buttercream frostings because they are so light and creamy without being heavy or greasy. I’ve been thinking about making a brown sugar version for a while because some cakes pair so well with the caramel-y tones in brown sugar, and I have a cake recipe to go with this frosting …

Recipe with video instructions: Create your own bonfire without having to go outside in the cold! Ingredients: Cupcake:, 200 grams Plain flour, 45 grams Cocoa powder, 2 tsp Baking powder, ¼ tsp Salt, 100 grams Soft light brown sugar, 180 grams Caster sugar, 80 grams Unsalted butter, 240 ml Whole milk, 2 Eggs, Grated zest of 1 Orange, Buttercream:, 450 grams Icing sugar, 150 grams Unsalted butter, 35-40 ml Whole milk, To decorate:, Yellow & Red gel food colour, Orange flavoured Matchmakers


Baking Fix: how to make frosting without powdered sugar. alternate here:


Lemon Meringue Cake

In all honesty, the origin of this cake is simply that I cannot make a go of a lemon meringue pie. I've tried, and I've tried, and it's not that I've utterly failed, but I haven't completely delighted myself. There's enough of that kind of falling short in the rest of life, without having to usher in disappointment and self-loathing in the kitchen. This, then, is the easy option. And the funny thing is, the layers of sponge, with their crisp-carapaced squashy-bellied meringue topping are…

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Flourless Chocolate & Lavender Cupcakes