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32 problems British people have to deal with in 2014
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1,600-year-old skeleton of woman with JEWELS for teeth uncovered

A distinctive feature, showing the woman was a 'foreigner' in Teotihuacan, is the two round pyrite stones encrusted in her top front teeth (shown) a technique used in Mayan regions in southern Mexico and Central America

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North Nigeria, adult male [?] wearing masquerade costume. Costume covered with fluffy or furry material, patterned panels at front. Mask has long horns and sharp teeth. Small group of adult males accompanying masquerader, male at right possibly playing percussion-instruments. Outdoor setting. Medium: Gelatin silver print.

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China's dinosaur discoveries – in pictures

Incisivosaurus – with bizarre front teeth, a bit like a rabbit. A herbivorous theropod from the early Cretaceous. ~ Illustration by Portia Sloan

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Jacob's Club biscuits. We always got one of these with a glass of squash at our after school club.

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Threepence piece, 'thruppeny bit' or 'thruppence'. I could put one of these in the gap of my front teeth lol

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