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Keep your finger on the pulse of web development by bookmarking this toolkit of 25 online tools for front-end web developers.


Pebble Mosaic dragonfly Dragonfly medicine is about the breaking of illusions, especially those illusions that prevent growth and maturity. Dragonfly is the bringer of visions of power. Flighty and carefree dragonflies symbolize whirlwind, swiftness and activity.


A Pokemon Go malware app was downloaded by half a million people

Flower Bud Android App - , Flower bud - live wallpapers with pretty florals. Flower flowers will ajar just in front of your eyeballs. You can change the motion graphics speed in the settings. The app is power saving.

UKs first-ever plastic 5 bill comes with an app to check if its fake

Dianthus 'Blueberry Cream' produces masses of double, ice white flowers with the purple-blue centres, above mounds of evergreen foliage. The richly fragrant blooms are perfect for cutting for a vase indoors.


Sea Lilies Android App - , Sea lilies - descend into a supernatural fairy story world of water lilies. These incredible florals will ajar in front of you and attractiveness you with their amazing beauty.