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Saw this awesome Dagobah System themes frog terrarium!

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Polymer Clay Frog - Miniature Frog - Mini Clay Frog - Fairy Garden Accessory - Terrarium Accessory – Frog Sculpture – Garden Decoration

Frog - Polymer Clay - Fairy Garden Accessories - Miniature Garden - Terrarium Accessories - Gnome

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Indonesian photographer captures incredible images of a diving frog

Tanto Yensen from Jakarta, Indonesia shows a wild Javan Gliding Tree frog in a tank of water

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Garden pond in a pots

Garden pond in a pots! Another small garden idea I love you could even have it on the patio :)

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How to Raise Tadpoles

Collecting and raising frog spawn to froglets in your own home. Simple low cost Nature activity for kids to do in Spring at home or in the classroom

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Fairy House or Gnome Home - Polymer Clay - Terrarium Accessory - Fairy Garden - Miniature Garden - Accent

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Animals in the wild: wildlife around the world

Sabah, northern Borneo The region is also home to a number of species that are harder to spot and, dependent on your tastes, less cute than their larger, fur clad neighbours. A Bornean horned frog is pictured here, but you can also see worms as long as your arm, fish that jump and numerous other unusual animals. Picture: Alamy

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