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Illustrator and Designer Paul Tebbott -

Paul Tebbott is a visual artist, illustrator and designer, his works have a vector style and are simple but effective, he usually uses bright eye catching colours which grab your attention. Paul is from Manchester, UK and has a Society6 shop!


SUNKEN SHIPWRECK Treasure: Contents of the Flor de La Mar Lost:1511 - Current Est. Value: $2.6 Billion + (54,431kg of Gold x $49,000 per Kg) (Sumatra)


Mary Rose - Flagship of Henry VIII's navy Henry named all his ships after the women in his life including Mary Boleyn and Anne Boleyn The Mary Rose, his favourite, was also thought to have been named after his younger sister, Mary Tudor. Built in Smallhythe, Kent, England


High carat gold ring, circa 1798 -1800, containing a virtuoso micro-ivory carving of warships engaged in battle, with cannons blazing. The vessels are set on a cobalt blue glass ground, in an octagonal glazed compartment, within a seed pearl surround.


Although i know nothing about these ships or sailing, something within draws me to these beautiful vessels. <3 More