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Beautiful and true. If you are so fortunate to actually have a friend who will stand by you, (and not just snub you for making a mistake, even a HUGE mistake,) when you've failed, been wrong, messed up big-time, or you just need someone to be there and support you through the good and bad...You must hold onto that RARE friend really tight because they are so few and far between.❤

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Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. I'm lucky enough to have best friends who are family ❤

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A tough but honest concept: friendship is a two way street and I am learning to wave goodbye to those who are on a one lane road.

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You Are My People | Our tribes make life more beautiful. | Read more at...

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British Robins ... can't beat them! Wherever I've lived there has always been a robin who has totally befriended me - and I've always named them "Tim" in honour of one of my fave authors Derek Tangye, who wrote about one in his books ♥ It's unusual to see two sitting together like this; despite their endearing image they are very aggressive little birds, and will fight to the death over their territory.

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Song Thrush another beautiful singer of the British country side and know for its anvil tapping of snails.

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