Recipe for Savory Zucchini Bread - I wanted the cheese to have a big presence. That’s why I cut the cheddar into big chunks, layering the blocks of cheese into the middle and on top of the bread.

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Zucchini and chickpea pancakes 3 medium zucchini, or about 4 cups shredded 2 zucchini flowers (optional; adds a bit of color) Some coriander or basil leaves (optional: adds flavor) 1 cup chickpea flour 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. garam masala 1/2 tsp. hot red chili powder 1/2 tsp. curry powder Olive oil for cooking

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This is the best fried zucchini cake I've ever tried! You can make them and freeze them too.

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Fried Zucchini Cakes--vegetable side dish that my kids love (when they were little, I would tell them it was scrambled eggs.)

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