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Celebrate Friday with a slice of Spiced Apple Cake. Bet you didn't think that you could eat something like this on a diet!

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I love this photograph of a frozen rose, to me it represents growth and nature frozen in time, along with looking like a powerful piece even though its a simple technique, this has been made more powerful due to the way the photographer has taken the picture

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Mulled Gin Cocktail with Mulled Wine Ice Cubes

Mulled Gin Cocktail with Mulled Wine Ice Cubes | Veggie Desserts Blog This mulled gin cocktail is full of warming spices, in a cold cocktail. It’s easy to make with a spice-infused simple syrup, plus I’ve made mulled wine ice cubes to give it some extra p

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Negroni is the ultimate Italian cocktail. Invented in Florence, which adds a certain classical appeal, it’s a great digestif and an even better aperitif.

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Rhubarb Collins: 4 cl (1.5 ounces) Gin 4 cl (1.5 ounces) Rhubarb Syrup (link for recipe above) 2 cl (0.75 ounces) Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 6-10 cl (2-4 ounces) Champagne or Sparkling Water 5 Mint Leaves Ice cubes

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Invitation To Build: Elsa's Ice Palace

Building Elsa's Ice Palace out of sugar cubes is a fun and imaginative way to learn STEM skills. It's a perfect activity for your preschool and elementary school aged architects!

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Tall Stick Ice Cubes with Embedded Flowers - what a lovely way to chill a blueberry cocktail or spritzer!

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@LClaurenConrad’s Friday Favourite is mint chip ice cream, and we couldn’t agree more. #IceCream #MintChip

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