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Jellyfish or jellies are typified as free-swimming marine animals consisting of a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate for locomotion, while stinging tentacles can be used to capture prey. Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea & a few inhabit freshwater. Jellyfish have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years, and possibly 700 million years or more, making them the oldest multi-organ animal

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Pink Angel Fish

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The Journey

Jess. Faithful. Optomistic. Shy. Soft-spoken. Nervous. Awkward. Content. Smart. Stupid. Boring. Entertaining. Peaceful. Collective. Selective. Searching. Daffodils. Sunflowers. Lucky Pennies. Art....

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Jellyfish Lamps

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Jellyfish Lake will stun you (no stingers involved)

Jellyfish Lake in Palau - one of the top diving destinations in the world. The jellyfish that live have lost their sting and are completely harmless making them the perfect swimming companions.

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Jellyfish Jellyfish taken at Quays site, Ras Mohamed Park

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Wonders of the sea: Fascinating pictures from mesmerising collection of photos from the ocean's depths

Wonders of the sea: Fascinating pictures from mesmerising collection of photos…

What Are The Most Dangerous Animals On Earth?

Black and red crowntail

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Impressive | Amazing Pictures - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World

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