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Jellyfish Lake will stun you (no stingers involved)

Jellyfish Lake in Palau - one of the top diving destinations in the world. The jellyfish that live have lost their sting and are completely harmless making them the perfect swimming companions.


Jellyfish or jellies are typified as free-swimming marine animals consisting of a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate for locomotion, while stinging tentacles can be used to capture prey. Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea & a few inhabit freshwater. Jellyfish have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years, and possibly 700 million years or more, making them the oldest multi-organ animal

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Wonders of the sea: Fascinating pictures from mesmerising collection of photos from the ocean's depths

deep sea creatures


Kayo Saito "Saito studied metal work at the Japanese Art College of Tokyo and finished her jewellery master in London, at the Royal College of Art. Her work has been regularly presented internationally, in the United Kingdom, Austria, US, Luxembourg, Portugal, the Netherlands and Japan."

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Freshwater jellyfish discovered in Michigan lake

Several campers in Newaygo County were shocked — not literally — this weekend to spot freshwater jellyfish in Diamond Lake.


Freshwater jellyfish discovered in Michigan lake

LINCOLN TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Several campers in Newaygo County were shocked — not literally — this weekend to spot freshwater jellyfish in Cass County's Diamond Lake. "You don't expect jellyfish to be in Michigan, let alone here on this little lake," said Timothy Smith of Grand Haven. Smith and other kayakers came across the swarm of jellyfish. The non-native species is home to one region in China, but they have been reported in Michigan since the 1930s, according to the United States Geological Survey. Experts said these penny-sized invertebrates are not dangerous to humans nor Michigan's ecological system. ►Related: Huge fishing pier, outdoor center set for Detroit River They have been reported

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