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Freshman meaning

Last Words - Stay

Have been planning to get this tattoo since my freshman year of high school. Aside from being my favorite punctuation mark to exist, it has such a beautiful meaning. A semicolon is a symbol dedicated to those who have survived suicide attempts, thoughts, and/or have lived to see friends and family struggle with the idea of living. "A semi colon is used when a sentence could have ended, but it didn't." A suicide survivor's life could have ended, but it didn't.

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Stop thinking about a million other things that will pass and resolve themselves and enjoy the moment... because you will never have the same moment again

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25 Snacks To Make in Your Dorm Room

Dorm life can be difficult--and usually means eating a lot of cafeteria food. Avoid the freshman fifteen and stick to clean eating with these 25 Simple Snacks You Can Make in Your Dorm Room!

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No, it's saying goodbye to sleep and proper food nourishment and writing time and constricting clothing LIKE WEARING PANTS. Honestly, I don't wear pants when I don't have to. I am a feminist, but ladies, could t you keep the social norm for gals to wear dresses. Pants suck.

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