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Sleep disorders are the new sore throat. New recommendations for tonsillectomies focus on snoring and bedwetting as opposed to frequent sore throats.



Airline passengers should be made more aware of the potential dangers of breathing contaminated air, a travel watchdog warned last night. Organophosphate poisoning is a little-known threat that faces passengers and crew. The Sunday Express has campaigned for openness about this danger, which pilots say is far more frequent than is officially reported. The consumer director for Holiday TravelWatch said passengers had a “right to know” about fume events so they can make their own medical…


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from The Economic Times

Are you skipping meals? It may be an eating disorder

#fasting #primal Are you skipping meals? It may be an eating disorder Frequent episodes of eating unusually large quantities of food uncontrollably. These episodes are followed by behaviour that compensates for the overeating such as forced vomiting, excessive exercise or fasting. Chronically inflammed and sore throat

The #dental changes seen in many people with #bulimia are often recognizable. Frequent vomiting may cause your salivary glands to swell and the tissues of your #mouth and #tongue to become dry, red and sore. People with bulimia may have chronic sore throat and small hemorrhages under the skin of the palate.