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The words in each group contain a similar sound. Read each word aloud. Can children think of other words in French or English that contain these sounds?


Learn To Pronounce 30 Of The Most Essential Words In The French Language Perfectly In This FREE Audio Lesson:

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French Phrases Hidden in English Words

French Phrases Hidden in English Words | Mental Floss

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French Slang

Un voyou - a thug | Find more Slang (with Audio!) in my book: ''Colloquial French'' - The most complete French Slang Ebook available. Don't hesitate to share #french #slang #words. Learn more here:

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French Phrasebook

Je n'en reviens pas - I can't believe it.Get your copy of the most complete French phrasebook today. 2000+ French words and expressions with English translations. Inlcudes an easy phonetic pronunciation guide, menu reader, FREE AUDIO and more!

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British Flowers Week 2015

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I correct people's written English, and I find it's these small words which most people get wrong. I'm sure it's the same in French

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French expressions

être pris - to have previous engagements | For more French expressions you can learn daily, get a copy of this e-book from Talk in French:


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