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Baked Polenta Fries

GRAB YOUR DIET AND LIFE MANAGEMENT GUIDE TO SUPPORT KIDNEYBUZZ.COM AND IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH OUTCOMES. CLICK HERE. GET YOUR "NO BLOOD PRESSURE (BP)/NO NEEDLE STICK (STICK)" MEDICAL ALERT BRACELET.CLICK HERE. NUTRITION INFORMATION PER SERVING Serving Size Serves 4 Calories 30 Protein 12g. Carbohydrates 9g. Total Fat 1g. Cholesterol 5mg. Potassium 105mg. Sodium 75mg. Phosphorus 35mg. Sugar 0g. INGREDIENTS Olive Oil 2tbsp. Water 3c. Polenta 1c. Black Pepper 1/4tsp. Grated Parmesan Cheese…


Mama's Baked French Fries

Mama's Baked French Fries recipe from Trisha Yearwood via Food Network To simplify the baking process I put them on a wire rack on the baking pan. Saved me from having to flip them during cooking


6 Secrets to Healthier French Fries

6 Secrets to Healthier French Fries! My favorite tip is using egg whites instead of oil. I would like to do half & half. Or use a spray bottle for the oil. Plus, a bunch of seasoning suggestions.

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Healthy Broccoli "Tater Tots"

In a world where sweet tooths are a common infliction, I have a raging "savory tooth." I crave chips, pizza, and French fries all the time. I am always eager to find healthy ways to satisfy my nutritional vice. Luckily, these broccoli bites are perfect for that purpose. Pairing broccoli (one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables) with healthy fat will satisfy and sustain you. This healthy snack recipe is also super easy and relatively quick to make. Saying "no" to junk food just got easier!

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French fries without potato | healthy chips

Chickpea Fries, tastes just like French Fries, just without the starchy potatoes (and better protein content).


Do you find that fats bother your digestive system? Many people with IBS have been told to stay away from fatty foods, but a tablespoon of olive oil is very different from a greasy bag of french fries. Check out our infographic to learn more about fats and the role they play in IBS. @NicerFoods