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How to Freeze Fresh Corn


How to Freeze Fresh Corn - Easiest Way to Enjoy Fresh Corn All Winter

Need to learn how to freeze fresh corn??!! We use an easy peasy process that takes NO time and we have FRESH GARDEN corn all winter long!!! Click on over to find out how!


How to Freeze Corn

One of my favorite things about summer is eating hot, buttery, fresh corn on the cob. I miss it during the winter months when fresh produce is limited. But freezing fresh corn for later months is easy and tastes better than the bags!


How to Freeze Fresh Corn

How to Freeze Fresh Corn from I developed this way to freeze corn when other methods came out watery, mushy or tasteless. The butter puts a seal around the kernels the lets it keep crunch and the flavor in. I do about 2-3 batches per year and it keeps me through to next season. Number of ears will vary depending on size.