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SLAVE, FUTURE, CYBERPUNK, DYSTOPIA Defining dystopia and post-apocalyptic fiction by Davis Nix:


The incident was documented in a trove of information made public in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's online "Vault." The Vault is the FBI's library of documents that have been released through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Have your say on Freedom of Information. It was Freedom of Information that exposed the MPs’ expenses scandal. And showed that our government worked with chemical companies to block an EU ban on bee-killing pesticides. [1] But the government wants to close this down. Their plans to water down the Freedom of Information Act could see: us having to pay for information about our own politicians ministers having more power to block the release of information they don’t want us

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Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace

The Queen asked ministers for a poverty handout to help heat her palaces but was rebuffed because they feared it would be a public relations disaster, documents disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act reveal.September 23 2010 #RoyalScroungers


Statement: Disclosure of PACE trial data under the Freedom of Information Act

from BBC News

10 things we found out because of Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act came in 10 years ago. It's led to the unearthing of a trove of facts.

The New Economics: The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, is convening a series of public events to broaden the debate around economics in Britain. A range of experts will present their views at a number of events across the country, with questions from members of the public.

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10 things we found out because of Freedom of Information

Knives from the amnesty being dropped into a scrapyard. 10 years of the Freedom of Information Act.

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Ministers plot ways to stifle Freedom of Information Act

Michael Gove has hinted that advice given by civil servants to ministers could be further exempt from Freedom of Information powers, as campaigners warn the legislation is 'under attack'.