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the trumpsters, the freedom caucus, republiKlans and teabaggers are the American taliban with fascist tendancies

from The Daily Signal

Freedom Caucus Pushes GOP Conference on IRS

“Any motion to table or refer to a committee is meant to kill the impeachment and should be viewed as a vote against impeachment by that member.”

Freedom Caucus stiffs GOP on campaign cash - POLITICO

from The Huffington Post

Freedom Caucus To Force Vote on IRS Commissioner Impeachment

Look for the words "Shut Down" and "Impeach" in the very near future. The GOP/Teabags are going after President Obama to try and make him cave on many issues. Hopefully The President will stand firm and do what's best for ALL Americans. Unfortunately we ALL will endure the fallout from the decisions made by the Ruthless GOP/Teabags....but then, Republican voters knew that when they voted these Crooks in.

The Truth About Paul Ryan He Desperately Tries to Hide ~ There is no doubt that the so-called Freedom Caucus knew this about Ryan when they threw their support behind him for the Speaker's post.


The GOP, RNC, Tea Baggers, Conservatives & Birthers Can Suck It! - It's Not About Hating Obama, It's Not About Lying About Obama & The Dems And It's Not About Rewarding The Rich For Just Being Rich - It's About Real Solutions For Real People For A Better Tomorrow - FORWARD - OBAMA 2013 - - - FuTurXTV - Funk Gumbo Radio:

from The Daily Signal

No Mass Exodus Out of RSC for Freedom Caucus Members

Only four Freedom Caucus members have decided to call it quits and break things off with the Republican Study Committee.

A year after the Freedom Caucus pressured John Boehner to resign as Speaker…

from Washington Post

Fuming over Ryan, some conservative voices turn on the Freedom Caucus

Fuming over Ryan, some conservative voices turn on the Freedom Caucus - The Washington Post