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QR Code Maker - Free QR code Generator. Use for parent night at school! Sooooo easy. Create your own QR Barcode for parents to scan with their smartphones on meet the teacher day! Include contact info, a link to a syllabus online, supply list... Everything!

from Jewel's School Gems by Jewel Pastor


QR CODES IN THE CLASSROOM by Jewel Pastor of www.jewelschoolge... | Have you tried using QR codes in the classroom? If you’ve used them before, you definitely know how much fun you and your students can have using them. With the right activity, a working device and great Internet, everything should go smoothly, right? Well, not always. Sometimes, these QR codes just refuse to work. Read about troubleshooting tips when trouble arises + download a FREE QR CODE GAME when you become a…


FREE QR Code Template - for personal use only%0A%0AQR Codes are the next big thing! QR Codes are a phenomenal way to incorporate technology to make your lessons more engaging. All you need to do is the following:%0A%0A1) Type the questions on the cards.%0A2) Go to Choose plain text, write in the answer, and click on download.%0A4) Copy and paste the QR Code on each correlating question card so when students scan it, they can check their answers.%0A5) Cut and…