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Blender is a free 3-D software that lets you create whatever model you want. Its difficulty is based on how well you know the hot keys. I like to use this program a lot with Garry's Mod to see how well I can make body armor or some kind of car part. I spend most of my time learning more about blender and what I can do with it.

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Best FREE CAD Programs for 3D Printing - 2015 - YouTube

A 3-D Printed Back Brace Scoliosis Patients Might Not Hate Wearing

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" Craftsmanspace" a site with free directions, books, software, 3-D models, patterns. A section for Knowledge and a "Showroom" with pictures and illustraion of completed projects.

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Stratasys и PTC объединяют свои силы для оптимизации процесса 3D-печати | Выставка передовых технологий 3D-печати

123D Design is a 3-D CAD design design tool. Free but must download software. Best for more sophisticated projects than could be completed with Tinkercad.

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You can use software like blender to design your own product for 3D printing! Get it Blender here at

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