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Frederik Willem De Klerk

Prince Harry left nostalgic after viewing a photograph of late mother | Daily Mail Online


Frederik Willem de Klerk, Nobel Peace Prize 1993 FDigital publique seus trabalhos literários diretamente no iPad, iBookstore Apple - agora no Brasil

Frederik Willem De Klerk Joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela, Frederik Willem De Klerk was one of the most influential South African politicians of the twentieth century

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Amanda Thatcher inherits famous grandmother's love of pearls as well as her composure

Elita de Klerk (wife of Frederik Willem de Klerk - South African politician who served as the country's State President from September 1989 to May 1994) at Margaret Thatcher's funeral. AND what an incredible man this is. KMW

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Obama shakes hands with Raul Castro at Mandela's memorial

Former South African apartheid era President Frederik Willem de Klerk waves as he arrives for South African former president Nelson Mandela ...

Frederik Willem de Klerk (gebore 18 Maart 1936) was Staatspresident van Suid-Afrika vanaf September 1989 tot April 1994, en vanaf Februarie 1989 tot September 1997 ook leier van die Nasionale Party, wat later die Nuwe Nasionale Party geword het.

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Nelson Mandela memorial service - in pictures

Credit: Stephane De Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images Former South African apartheid-era president Frederik Willem de Klerk arrives

Nelson Mandela was awarded lointly with Frederik Willem de Klerk "for their work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa"


The Truth: Mandela, "Brother Mason". Mandela was EXPOSED as an MI6 agent by fellow MI6 agent Stephen Dorril in 2000 within his book on MI6. Mandela never sued Dorril so we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was true. Mandela was also exposed as being a 33rd degree Free Mason. So game over. Mandela was put into power by President F W de Klerk who was exposed as having been put into power himself by British Intelligence. He was just another in a long line of British / banker backed…