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Mr Gandy as impeccable as ever, grey flannel 3 pieces, nice to see the move away from the scoop shawl DB waistcoat for a change. "London Collections: Men Street Style -"

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'The Kray twins were BOTH gay' says ex-enforcer of The Firm

Reggie Kray married Frances Shea in 1965, but just two years later she committed suicide. Mr Foreman has described the marriage as a sham and says it was never consummated


Self preservation societies: a brief history of heists

Freddie Foreman, involved in the seven-million pounds Security Express heist in 1983. Also jailed for 10 years for disposing of the body of Jack 'The Hat' McVitie, murdered by the Krays

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EastEnders' Jamie Foreman: I was 14 when I learnt my dad was a killer

Real East Enders: Freddie Foreman with the late actor George Raft, Ronnie Kray and Mrs Foreman


Cheshire Street – The site of The Repton Boys Club shooting (Freddie Foreman) and where scenes from, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” were filmed

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Top Kray associate reveals plan to 'iron out' Krays formed in 'council of war'

Revelation: Freddie Foreman. Freddie Foreman said it was only the fact the twins were arrested and jailed in 1969 that saved their lives after revealing there had been a plot to kill the twins.


Photo of my 3rd Cousin 1 x removed Thomas Albert Marks. Kray aide will not be charged over killings  By Paul Lashmar, The Independant newspaper Friday, 29 December 2000 Freddie Foreman, the notorious East End gangster, has escaped prosecution after confessing on television that he committed two murders for the Kray twins. The Crown Prosecution Service has told Foreman, 68, he will not be prosecuted for the killings of Frank Mitchell and Tommy "Ginger" Marks.  Freddie Foreman, the notorious…