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Breitling Breitling Galactic 41 men’s automatic Watch with silver Dial analogue Display and brown leather Strap C49350L2/G701/425X

Quicksilver - X-Men: Days of Future Past "You, you kleptomaniac, get to break into the Pentagon."

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That is actually a really awesome idea---I'm happy but sad at the same time

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Laura on

Image credit to Laura "@alura81" on Twitter. You have no idea how long I've been waiting to a pic like this!!

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8 Girl Power Quotes To Inspire You ♀

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pronunciation | la dU-‘lUr eks-'kEz (la doo-LYEUR ex-KEEZ) submitted by | sainttiffany submit words | here no, seriously | “qu” in French is pronounced like k in king and not qu in queen.

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if you see something valuable, and you see a valuable thing, chase`s kinda about people too........though.......i can`t believe i just said that

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Rogue One was made with characters with real high-stakes. And none of them freaking deserved what happened. DC killed off, what, one of their characters? In a movie called Suicide Squad... OK, sounds about right.

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I'll admit that I'm not entirely clear on who Simon Pegg is, which probably means I should turn in my geek card, but this quote nails it... I pinned it once, but I had to pin it a second time.

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