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Frat Meaning

from the Guardian

It's OK to tell your abortion story. Some women just don't want to be pregnant

Jessica Valenti - It's OK to tell your abortion story. Some women just don't want to be pregnant

[ahem] If I'm allowed to have a say- I actually wouldn't mind if men took more fashion cues from the vikings. I mean, I'm a big fan of the geek-chic look but seriously, how about an alternate macho counter to the metro-sexual look that's not just frat boy 420-friendly slob. Just a thought.

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Emma Roberts turns mean girl in Scream Queens trailer

Emma Roberts and shirtless Nick Jonas star in Scream Queens ...

from Odyssey

What Being Greek Means To Me

What Being Greek Means To Me #greek #greeklife #fraternity #sorority #srat #frat #college #rush #recruitment #chiomega

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Rape Happens in Gay Relationships Too

from Mail Online

Blooming lovely! Kristen Bell is flirty in florals as Christina Hendricks covers up in all-black at Disney fan event

true, I how more will research beyond the blue and behind the pillars before the oath takes away their freedom. IT'S NOT A FRICKING SECRET ANYMORE. Research what those steps actually lead to. Truth and facts are different things. Walk carefully in your words and know it's not a secret but to question your own is bad, there's a reason for that... :/


Many a drunken debate, nuisance phone call and general silliness has occurred at Moe's Tavern. An escape for Homer, Barney Gumble and many more, there is no better way to unwind in Springfield, than with a nice cold #Duff beer! This fun ceramic #mug comes in the form of the iconic can, meaning you can drink hot and cold drinks depending on your mood! xoxo #Simpsons #DuffBeer #Homer