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Rosemary is a symbol of a strong woman. It will clear your mind, improve your memory learning. used in love spells, particularly to promote fidelity in lovers,can be used in herbal baths for cleansing and purification. Hanging bundles or a plant growing near your front door will help to keep out negative energy. Place beneath your pillow to banish bad dreams, relax your mind and improve your spirits. You can also burn it as an incense to remove negative energy. Can substitute for…

from Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

The Use and Power of Crystals

from "The Gray Witches Grimoire" There are many ways in which to cleanse your crystals. Here is a few ways but by no means is this a comprehensive list.

from Dr. Axe

101 Essential Oil Uses and Benefits -

Be naturally gorgeous with these Essential Oils for Skin & Beauty! ♡ ♡ essential oils with love


Rosemary has been used extensively in magic spells and formulas since ancient years and it has been famous for its cleansing and protective qualities. It still remains one of the oldest incenses along with Myrrh and Frankincense and is burned in Cleansing and Spell Breaking rituals.

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Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft, Goddess, Magical, Spiritual, Native American, Shaman, Sacred Ritual Resins in glass bottles with cork

Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft, Old World Magic, Herbal Alchemy, Magical Apothecary, Metaphysical Incense, Resins, Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal to be used for Meditation and Ritual to connect with Goddess

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People are most familiar with the wonderful aroma of frankincense but it has many medicinal qualities as well. Boswellic acid inhibits inflammation and has been shown to reduce pain. Frankincense can be ground up and ingested in capsule form.

from The Truth About Cancer

The Healing Gifts of Myrrh Essential Oil

You may know the 3 Wise Men brought myrrh to Baby Jesus. Now discover why myrrh…

I recently started replacing my beauty and skin care products one by one. This has Frankincense essential oil which I love the smell.

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The Top 4 Essential Oils for Headaches

Sinus Headache 2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Peppermint 2 drops Lavender 1 tsp coconut oil Massage mixture into forehead and sinus areas. Stay away from the sensitive eye area.

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Using Essential Oils to Fight Cancer

Public health researcher and writer Dr. Eric Z‘s passion comes across the audio waves as he share how he wants to help patients, clients, friends, and anyone get control of their life and regain the abundant life. He wants people to stop looking for a candy coated pill and learn how to take care of themselves. In …