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Route 66 - Conoco Tower Station. Art Deco Conoco Station in Shamrock, Texas, on Rt. 66. Found on an empty Main Street, also contains the U Drop Inn Restaurant. @designerwallace


Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Lee. Frank made a huge mistake trying to trade with Cung, instead of grappling. Cung Lee dominates him on their feet, and even shatters his arm with a roundhouse kick!


Frank Shamrock Plays Pattycake, Demonstrates Hand-Eye Coordination

Frank Shamrock. A man with a good heart.

Bas Rutten backhands Frank Shamrock

UFC legend Tank Abbott talks modern MMA, rips Tito Ortiz and Frank Shamrock *VIDEO* --- If Justin Bieber had grown up in Huntington Beach and drank cases of beer on a weekly basis, you might be staring at his 47-year-old doppelganger. Instead, you are looking at the one and only David “Tank” Abbott who frightened women and children and inspired a generation of wannabe tough guys starting at UFC 6 way back in 1995.


Randy Couture: former light heavy weight and heavy weight UFC champion


Frank Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz (UFC 22)

Glory 3 Kommentatoren: Frank Shamrock, Stephen Quadros und Ramon Dekkers