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Tartufo di Pizzo – Chocolate and hazelnut ice cream bombe

This tartufo di Pizzo recipe is one of Francesco Mazzei's favourite dishes from Calabria in Italy. Unwrapping the paper exterior reveals a chocolate ice cream bombe with a hidden centre of hazelnut ice cream, sugared hazelnuts and thick chocolate sauce.

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Spicy aubergine polpette

Francesco Mazzei knows how to get a dinner party started – crispy aubergine morsels paired with a firey jam – you'll be hooked from the first bite to the last.

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Citrus sorbets

A trio of citrus sorbet recipes from Italian chef Francesco Mazzei including a tangy lemon sorbet recipe along with refreshing orange and blood orange sorbet recipes for a perfect summer dessert.

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Paccheri with lamb ragù

What could be more comforting than this Welsh Lamb ragù recipe? With some quality ingredients, such as smoked ricotta, and cheffy techniques, Francesco Mazzei elevates a dish of humble origins to a thing of gourmet beauty.

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Eggs in purgatory (Uova al purgatorio)

Eggs in purgatory is a popular Italian breakfast or brunch recipe of baked eggs in a fiery tomato sauce. Francesco Mazzei spices up his version with 'nduja sausage and serves with quail eggs and toasted sourdough.

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Baccalá stuffed courgette flowers

Francesco Mazzei's baccalá stuffed courgette flowers recipe is a real celebration of summer. Beautifully presented with edible flowers and crisp salads, the flowers are stuffed with creamy salted cod baccalá and grilled with cheese to serve.

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Zitoni alla Norma (Pasta with Aubergines and Tomatoes)

Zitoni alla Norma (Pasta with Aubergines and Tomatoes) from Francesco Mazzei's Mezzogiorno. This dish is filled with the comforting wonderful flavours of ripe tomatoes, garlic, aubergines and basil.

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Grilled salmon with borlotti beans and ‘nduja

Francesco Mazzei packs some bold Italian flavours into this enticing salmon dish. The beans are cooked with stock vegetables until tender before fierce and meaty 'Nduja sausage is stirred in.

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Aubergine and chocolate cake

Fancy trying out this unsual combination? Francesco Mazzei's rich and fudgy chocolate cake shows just how well smoky aubergine can work in a dessert.

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Stuffed calamari

This delicious stuffed calamari recipe is a southern Italian classic and a favourite of the chef Francesco Mazzei.

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