Francesco Mazzei knows how to get a dinner party started – crispy aubergine morsels paired with a firey jam – you'll be hooked from the first bite to the last.

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Francesco Mazzei shares a sunny lobster tagliatelle recipe with Great British Chefs, classically Italian and all the better for it!

This tartufo di Pizzo recipe is one of Francesco Mazzei's favourite dishes from Calabria in Italy. Unwrapping the paper exterior reveals a chocolate ice cream bombe with a hidden centre of hazelnut ice cream, sugared hazelnuts and thick chocolate sauce.

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Big on both flavour and luxury, lobster spaghetti is a favourite in many southern Italian coastal towns. Bring some sunshine into your kitchen by whipping up Francesco Mazzei's lobster spaghetti recipe - a gorgeous take on a classic.

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A trio of citrus sorbet recipes from Italian chef Francesco Mazzei including a tangy lemon sorbet recipe along with refreshing orange and blood orange sorbet recipes for a perfect summer dessert.

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Francesco Mazzei describes the best varieties of tomato – and reveals the only time of the year it's acceptable to reach for the tin opener

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