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from indy100

The most dangerous countries in the world to live

The annual *Fragile States Index*, which looks at the social and economic…

from indy100

These are the most fragile countries in the world


Elgar Handbook of Civil War and Fragile States - edited by Graham K. Brown and Arnim Langer - January 2013 (Elgar Original Reference)

Beauty has its own heavenly language, loftier than the voices of tongues and lips. It is a timeless language, common to all humanity, a calm lake that attracts the singing rivulets to its depth and makes them silent. Only our spirits can understand beauty, or live and grow with it. It puzzles our minds; we are unable to describe it in words; it is a sensation that our eyes cannot see, derived from both the one who observes and that which is looked upon ---Khalil Gibran