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First-Aid Manual: Fractured Arm


Strengthening Exercises to Recover from a Fractured Humerus

A break to the long bone in the upper arm requires medical attention and supervision. The humerus extends from the shoulder to the elbow joint and helps you position your hand for activities such as eating. Treatment for a fractured humerus usually involves immobilization in a collar and cuff or a cast for six to eight weeks, depending on the...

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First-Aid Manual: Fractured Arm

fractured arm----- Wrap soft padding–such as a T-shirt, fleece, or socks–gently around the arm.

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Babysitter, 21, ‘assaulted toddler leaving her with fractured arms’

Jay Miller, from Barry, Wales, is accused of injuring the little girl after she was admitted to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff with fractures to both of her arms and facial bruising.

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9 Ways 3-D Printing Makes The World Better

An example of how 3D printing is making the world a better place. The Cortex cast prototype by designer Jake Evill heals fractured bones. The form of the cast varies with each case: 3-D scans are taken of the injury and used to determine the geometry and the distribution of the cast’s voronoi cells. The cells are denser in areas where the fracture is worse, requiring more support

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24 Vintage Pictures of Doctors At Work

A doctor examining a patient with a fractured arm in 1942 - Image by Arthur Rothstein.