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Fractured Arm


Range of Motion Exercises for Fractured Elbow

Rehabilitation exercises for fractured elbows are necessary for recovery. Exercises may be done alone or with a physical therapist depending on what your...

Bengals RB Cedric Peerman leaves game with fractured arm -= More bad news on the injury front for the Cincinnati Bengals from their preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday as running back Cedric Peerman left with a fractured forearm. The injury happened during.....

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Fossil of early human reveals she died after falling from a tree

Lucy’s fracture in her forearm undergoes computed tomographic scanning. Overall, Lucy suffered a broken ankle, arm, knee, pelvis and at least one fractured rib - suggesting she must have suffered severe internal organ damage

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Brave bisexual schoolboy blasts thugs who launched 'homophobic attack'

Teenager Jamie Watson suffered broken ribs, a fractured arm and cuts and bruising in the terrifying attack

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Did Anthropologists Just Solve the 3-Million-Year-Old Mystery of Lucy’s Death?

Lucy's injuries suggested that she fell from a height of more than 40 feet, which would mean she was traveling downward at more than 35 miles per hour when she hit the ground. Moreover, the way her shoulder and upper arm bones were compressed into one another and fractured suggest that she had stretched her arms out before her in an unsuccessful attempt to break the impact of her fall.

Fractured Lonestar quilt by Freebirdquiltingdesigns for RJR What Shade Are You?


Hand Painted Art on Kid's / Child's Arm Cast. Peony, peonies, red, coral pink, tattoo like design. Broken / fractured elbow. Instagram user: @sweetpea_whimsy ... Not sure if this is worth posting, but we don't like plain casts and thought it was a fun option if you have to wear one. Still left room for people to sign it!

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Babysitter, 21, ‘assaulted toddler leaving her with fractured arms’

Jay Miller, 21, from Barry, Wales, is accused of injuring the little girl after she was admitted to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff with fractures to both of her arms and facial bruising.