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i can't believe people do not think that irish dancing is a sport.It is a sport that most people can't do. i know that because i actually am an irish dancer


Candy Cigarette: Photographer Sally Mann captures one of her daughters in a defiant pose, staring down the lens at her mother, holding a bubblegum cigarette. [1989]


Rare Pics Of The Infamous '50s London Girl Gang Are Unbelievably Cool

I laughed at this picture.. probably for the wrong reasons, I'm pretty sure the pain this person endured was ridiculous... OUCH!


Sir Terry Pratchett 's Discworld on Behance


charliebowater: “ Submerge. The fight to keep your head above water can be a tough one sometimes. Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 5 and an hour or two of messy sketching. ”


Medial Knee Ligament Injury Strengthening Exercises


Fire Resistant_Glass_Pilkington_Pilkington Pyrostop: Provides fire protection up to class EI 180. Available for use with steel, aluminum or timber framing. When exposed to fire, the pane facing the flames fractures, but remains in place while the interlayer foams to create a thick resident and tough insulation shield that absorbs the energy of the blaze. This creates an opaque visual barrier to help reduce panic during evacuation.


Understanding Fracture Toughness by Thomas Hill, PhD Thomas Hill, PhD, emphasizes the importance of this metric— and how it can affect your clinical practice decisions.

A lot of the things in radiology arent very pleasant to see so it might be good to have a strong stomach