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For Fox Sake: Fox Inspired Items Every Fashionista Needs

What does the fox say? For Fox sake, and whatever other pun you can think of related to this cute little forest creature.

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10 easy to follow steps for drawing a Fox

- You struggle with drawing Fur! - You try and try and it does not look realistic! - You have a Reference Picture but don’t know where to start and how? In my colored pencil tutorials I am going to show you how to create beautiful Art, but I am not only telling you what to do. I will tell you WHY we are doing it so that you will have all the background knowledge you need to create your own beautiful Art. Click through to my website to learn it!

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Everything I need to know in life, I learned from Firefly. *wipes tear from eye* You went too young, Serenity.

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Will I deny myself your Delicate fingers running through my fur. The sound of your kiss between my velvety ears will content me just fine. So sit with me my saviour in life for you saw the light in my dark. Teeth and claws and powerful jaws yes, my dear you are fooled. For I am the wolf and I wish for one thing, well in fact I don't not need to wish. Because inside my eyes you're as blue as the skies and you will not deny me my needs. So stare not at my jaws or your blood on my claws because…

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Sterling Silver Dolphin Mother and Child W. Created Blue and Green Fire Opal Inlay and Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace Come with 1mm Italian Box Chain SC023N46

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