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The McLaren MP4-X: McLaren’s conceptual vision for the future of motorsport technology. Modelling the future is something we do every day at McLaren. Our Formula 1 race strategists think many laps ahead when planning a grand prix pit stop, our automotive engineers build high-performance road cars for the next generation of driver; and our technologists and designers in McLaren Applied Technologies devise ways to improve healthcare, transport and many other areas of our lives.

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a nice instagram

an english country dream of an instagram. it belongs to louise townsend.  i don't know much about her just that she makes pretty printed things. and she lives in the english countryside. which is pretty much the perfect formula for gratifying instagram photos.    that dutch door opens to my dreams.


Discovering the Formula for Area of a Triangle!


Circles and Area with Kandinsky from DocRunning Education on - (35 pages) - Using Kandinsky-inspired designs, students apply deductive reasoning to determine the formula for areas and circumference of circles. We learn what we experience!


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Our Mineral Eye Shadows in Night Colors give any eye a sexy, sultry, and glamorous look. With this unique formula, your Eye Shadows will look ultra smooth and stay put for hours without creasing or pulling the delicate eye area.


1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Coupé; Named for the red valve covers, the original 250 TR had unorthodox bodywork by Scaglietti. The front fenders are visually separated from the central "nacelle" body, a design inspired by Formula One racers, with air ducting across the front brakes and out through the open area behind the wheels, this model is often called the "Pontoon" TR.


This is a quick easy formula flipbook that can either be made into one long one or two smaller ones. Formulas for area, perimeter, and circumferences, grades 5-8

Help your students remember the formula for area of a triangle but discovering it for themselves! Check out this interactive, student-led lesson from The Primary Gal.