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Waterdeep, also known as the City of Splendors or the Crown of the North, was the most important and influential city in the North and perhaps in all Faerûn. For this reason it was considered part of the Western Heartlands of the Realms, even though it lay 150 miles north of Daggerford on the shores of the Sword Coast. The city sat "slightly above the 45 degree north latitude line on Toril." The road to Waterdeep was well paved and well patrolled. The city was the hub of trading from the...

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Draconic language

Draconic Alphabet | Draconic language - The Forgotten Realms Wiki - Books, races, classes ...

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Drizzt Do 'Urden

My favorite book series The Legend of Drizzt. Crazy fighting, romance, tragedy, if you read this please go read the books they may be hard to get into but when you get to the meat of the books ohhhhh yeaaaaaa it's so good. Más


Paladins can be found among clerics, knights, and lawful guilds. But there are some paladins who crusade alone, not wanting danger or harm to befall anyone in their company during a quest.