"I'm forgetting how much I had loved him! Oh, how I miss him!" Elise cried out. Marcus put his hands on the side of her head and locked their eyes."He forgot about you! Remember that? He would sweet talk to you, but when the time came to risk himself for you, he would treat you like a fellow warrior. And it lead to his death, and your inprisonment, remember that Elise, when you are missing him" ~ Anna

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He wasn't the person who hurt me most. But he shut me out, sent me away & then wondered why I wouldn't (couldn't) come back. And I'm over him. But not quite over the pain and frustration. The wounds are still there.

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Took me four years, but finally I begin to forget him in this year 5.. Then two nights ago, I have a dream and he is calling me on the phone to check on me in the dream. I haven't remembered my dreams in over 4 yrs.

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Oh how true!....For 30 some years!.....There are no better or truer words for this...I still can't help it....I adore him anyway.....and it still hurts like hell....

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I'm moving on. Goodbye Steven. I thought u were the one. I was wrong. That's ok tho. I have hill. U will find someone who isn't all fucked up like myself. U were my first love. Ur always on my mind. One day I'll truly fully let go. I will be happy again. I need that day to be today.

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