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*Thinks I have something like this* I can't sit in a room with someone from another country without speakingin almost their exact accent

from BBC News

Foreign accent syndrome 'being reported more often'

This week, learn about Foreign Accent Syndrome from our first Thursday guest, Debbie Waldman!


Living with foreign accent syndrome

In 2006 Kath Lockett lost the ability to speak after being struck down with rare brain condition. But when her voice recovered, she found she started speaking with a distinctive European accent which has been described as Italian, French and even Japanese. The rare condition is known as Foreign Accent Syndrome, and Kath is here to tell us how her life has changed dramatically. For more information look up a book called Foreign Accent Syndromes: The Stories People Have to Tell by Jack Ryalls and Nick Miller. Catch up with the last week of This Morning on ITV Player

from Mail Online

Texas mom wakes up speaking with a British accent

"Foreign accent syndrome"


Foreign Accent Syndrome (Paperback)