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Foreground Meaning

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Sonia Rentsch’s Still Life Art

I like this image due to the colour co-ordination between the background and the foreground of the image, helping to create a quirky feel. I also like this image due to it's obvious meaning and how it makes us think about how everybody has a heart yet it's sometimes hidden underneath by people. The placement of the strawberry within the apple's core helps to create a lovely, affective image.


The Royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich, London, is the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the World, making it the official starting point for each new day and year. It also happens to be on a hill with a marvelous view looking over London. To the right of photograph is Canary Wharf and as you move across to the left you can see the Gherkin, Tower 42 and even the London eye. In the foreground is the National Maritime Museum. - Jon Baker


nativity oh sweet!! page to colour for children..... frame and you have a keepsake which will become more precious over time..... remember to let the child sign it, along with their age.

from the Guardian

Sergio Larrain obituary

Sergio Larrain | Valparaíso, Chile | 1957. Sergio Larrain was born in 1931 in Santiago de Chile. He studied music before taking up photography in 1949, from which year until 1953 he studied forestry at the University of California at Berkeley. He then attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor before setting off to travel throughout Europe and the Middle East. Thus began Larrain's work as a freelance photographer.


On this screenprint, i really like the contrast between the red, white and black. I think the colours work really well together. I feel the meaning behind this print has changed, as the background is of a wig, and the foreground been a figure, representing more human form in an abstract way.

Unloading a lake freighter at the Pennsylvania Railroad iron ore docks by means of Hulett unloaders, Cleveland, Ohio. In the foreground, empty cars are waiting to pass under the unloaders to pick up their loads